Hi! I’m Lina, a photographer from Moscow but now living in Philadelphia. It has always meant a lot to me to manifest myself through my art. Of all the art forms, I have been fascinated most by photography. I shoot digital and film, and in my works light and ambience of a certain place or sciene play an important role. It is something that I want people to feel in them and always try to preserve the beautiful moments in my photographs.

I enjoy journeying to different countries to capture the diversity of life around, to meet new people and tell stories through my photographs. I believe each story is unique.


Though, my style of shooting is not for everyone. I am not a fan of awkward posing, but candid, alive, breathing and raw is what makes me feel something. Natural light is my thing - it inspires me, especially when it comes to a golden hour.


I have a passion for traveling, so don't hesitate to take me somewhere epic. I am avaliable for travel worldwide!